5 thoughts on “Survival guide in NICU – page 1

  1. Nina says:

    First of all I am so sorry for your profound loss and amazed that you found the resilience within your grief to reach out to help others.

    In my 32nd week I had a sudden placental abruption and was admitted to a hospital in Sharjah for observation. She was delivered by emergency c-section barely a week later.

    That was eight years ago and everything you describe I have been through. The pain, the confusion and the not knowing how to deal with the completely different circumstances under which your baby is born compared to others. It was a lonely difficult time and I wish I’d had your guide then.

    Thank you for this. I hope it helps other new mums like I was once. I sincerely hope you heal. You are amazing.

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  2. onegeekofaparent says:

    My heart goes out to you Sandrine for dealing with this loss is such a dignified and positive manner. What you have done via this blog is indeed very noble and if you believe in Karma, good things are already on your way.

    To support you in your cause, I have shared your message in my blog. Hope I can be of some help in this fantastic mission of yours!

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