Kind words

Dearie.. you transformed your pain and loss into something so magical and helpful to other new moms. So proud of you. I am the same age as you. Had my own nightmare in NICU before 8 years once I had my son. Not in Dubai, but back in India my native place. He was not premature, 38 weeks gestation. Was a big baby. Coz my pressure shot up doc decided to deliver the baby. Tried for normal delivery, but he got jammed inside n was in distress n was out thru emergency c section. And rushed into NICU. Developed fever next day, and found out having infection from lungs into blood, then into spinal fluid, suspected meningitis. Spent 3 weeks there, he was the biggest baby there. Still remember the panic I went thru, on each sunset it was horrible for me. Used to break down. What if I lose him? After c section? But we pulled thru it. Thanking god all the time. Now he is 8 years, running around with his little sister, both of them making me happiest at times, driving me crazy at other times.
I read your story in Friday magazine n checked the site. Came to know from the article you want to try for another baby. I pray with all my heart for you. Wishing you to be blessed with a happy healthy baby. You will be there in my prayers everyday. Lucia will be watching over you from heaven. Wishing you all the very best.


Sandrine, you are an amazing lady. I’m very sad to hear that Lucia didn’t make it, and equally as moved that you have found the strength in your darkest times to help other Mums in your position. I’ll be following your blog. Warmest heartfelt wishes. Lisa

Lisa C.

Very sorry for your loss. It’s tearfully sad.

Svetlana K.

Thankyou for sharing this Keri, we spent six weeks in Nicu and it’s a very different journey indeed. Thankyou Sandrine for writing and I am so sorry for your loss of precious baby Lucia.

Smith H.

Que belleza Drina, Dios te bendiga pronto con otro angelito que estara inmensamente orgulloso de su mama xx

Laura T.

Me parece un acto de amor y de coraje profundo. Gracias por pensar en aportar en nombre de tu Lucia. Yo no he pasado por lo mismo ya que tengo cuatro hermosas hijas que la vida me dio pero si ya en condiciones normales hay momentos difíciles no me puedo imaginarla la prueba que has pasado. Te envío muy buena energía y mil bendiciones en tu vida!!! Y por supuesto que eres tan madre como qualquiera. Estoy segura que la vida te otorgará el regalo de ser mamá de nuevo

Yamile H.

God Bless you! And one day you become a mom to a lot of babies! And Lucia will be always number 1! What a beautiful name! One love

Viola C.

I truly admire you. My daughter was born at 23 weeks and fought for 5 months in NICU City hospital. Now she is almost 3 years and we couldn’t be more proud of her. My heart goes out to you.

Corina D.

So very sorry for your loss. This will be a real comfort to Moms who need NICU for a season. You’re a Mom, forever! Xx

Laura D.

So sorry for your loss and so impressed with your generous spirit and determination to turn your heart wrenching experience into a positive act. This will be a boon to many. Xx

Arusha N.

So sorry for your loss and I’m moved by your compassion to help others x

Fionnuala A.

So sorry for your loss

Jodi B.

You are one brave, strong mama with huge heart!

Sanja V.

It truly is heart breaking news, but what Sandrine has done is just exceptional.

Zeina S.

Very touching words Tani and such an important post on such a heartbreaking subject. Feeling such admiration for the love and strength of this mother, still thinking of others in her time of grief and sadness. I hope every NICU mum finds their way to this guide and the support and comfort it will offer. Sweet dreams baby Lucia, your journey on earth was too short but you will make a difference to so many for a long time to come xx

Harkee W.

NICU is one of the most terrifying places on earth. Great to see people talking about it.


So beautifully written from the hearts of two ladies. There will be so many who will feel and appreciate your words X

Sandi J.

Thanks for sharing, this really needs to be made available to every NICU mom

Tarana K.

Thank you for sharing this.

Ginger S

Amazing amazing

Kinjal M.

It’s such a great idea, bad we didn’t have it at the time..sure it will help a lot of parents!

Yelena K.

Votre histoire est (je pense que vous le savez) tres touchante. Vous etes une maman extraordinaire… avec tellement d energie et de generosite. Lucia a beaucoup de chance d avoir une maman qui partage son histoire comme cela. Elle est avec vous au quotidien pour vous aider, ca j en suis certaine.

Anne S.

Hi Sandrine, firstly I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss, I can’t even begin to think what you and your family must have gone through and how you found the strength to help others by putting so much into this survivors guide. That is a true testament to a mother’s love, strength and determination. I am sure it will be invaluable to others who find themselves in a similar situation and certainly through that baby Lucia will live on and help others in their time of most need.


Sandrine i have been thinking about you all morning, my baby was not premature he was born at 38 weeks with a serious infection and complications and spent almost six weeks in total in NICU being re admitted several times, he was the biggest baby in NICU and once or twice he was the sickest, but thankfully we had a happy outcome. I have read some of your blog and I admire you so much for your strength, I’am so sorry for the loss of little Lucia Maria, she fought so hard for 51days and too lose her after such a length of time is just devastating. I too spent my time at City Hospital it was a much smaller Nicu then compared to now, my boy is now almost five and those days there are never far from my mind as well as the doctors and nurses.

wishing you all the best, and your blog will be a great support to mums facing the NICU, take care x


Dear Sandrine,

I have the utmost admiration and bewildered by the strength you have. You are truly amazing and a dedicated mother. To do what you have with your blog in the memory of your Daughter is amazing.
I’m a new Mother to an 8 week old Daughter who was delivered by Csection from her Surrogate mother at 33 weeks. Before we even had a chance to look at her she was rushed straight through to NICU where she remained for two whole days.
I didn’t have the pregnancy hormones or the pumping to have to deal with, but nevertheless I had extreme anxiety and stress at not being able to see my baby but through two panes of glass.

I wish you all the best day to day and know that your strength is a blessing to others that may not have what you have and take comfort whom what you have produced.

God bless you and Lucia Maria


Dear Sandrine – I am so impressed and deeply touched by how you found the strength to translate your pain and loss of your daughter into such a constructive and beautiful piece of work

Astrid S.

Bless your heart Sandrine and prayers and love for your little angel Lucia Maria. I do not have kids but i understand your pain coz once upon a time, i was a (little) big sis eagerly awaiting her mum to bring her baby brother home from the hospital & i remember clearly the day my mum came home from the hospital crying and my aunty informed me that my baby brother who fought so so bravely to live, had died. The pain of losing my only brother accompanied by the pain of helplessly watching my mum cry for her only son who left us way too soon, is a pain that i have carried with me all my life & to this day i still think of him especially on his birthday…i think about what life would have been like if he had survived…what personality he would have had…& what an awesome big sis i would have been. I am happy to hear you had a support system to lean on during your painful ordeal and applaud them and you for having strength to find a way to bring a ray of light and positivity to other mums who may sadly go through the same. You are an inspiration and i wish you love, peace, healing and a life filled with fulfillment and joy. Bless your heart. Lots of hugs and kisses and love:smile:

Mumby K.

Amazing – I wish we had this!

Jilly M.

This is fantastic- kudos to the parents who put this together!

Jennifer K.

Amazing! My baby was in city hospital nicu as well and is a healthy 1 year old now,praise the Lord! May God give you strength and may your angel baby be playing in heaven

Ayda A.M.

So sorry for your loss Sandrine. Im Full of admiration for you. You’ve done something special with this and what a tribute to your beautiful daughter. We had a 25weeker in 2009 and she had every complication known to man. She’s 6 yrs old now.We spent 5 and a half months in Mediclinic Garhoud and it was the happiest and saddest ofplaces in equal measure. We saw loss, we saw pain and we saw joy. Without a doubt the toughest time of our lives. The staff in NICU are amazing and this guide is something I wish I had myself 6 yrs ago. I’m happy to share this as I know it will 100% help someone going through this right now. Well done and thank you. You’re an inspiration.

My little miracle had NEC, ROP, brain bleed grade 3, fungul and bacterial infections, blood transfusions, platelet infusions, collapsed lung, broken arm, laser eye surgery, apnea, 5 bowel ops the list is endless. What they go through is heart breaking and I’d quite happily have traded places. There really needs to be more support networks available to Moms in Dubai. I found this sadly lacking. I hope this guide reaches far and wide.

Niamh G.

Not many can do what you have done, you are an inspiration!!

Nana A.

I have no words…u re brave and strong woman…I am amazed and wish you a lot of strengh and a lot of good energy…

Aya C. A.

Through your pain you have done something wonderful to help others. You are amazing.

Kirsten M.

I’m so sorry to hear that.. My sincere condolences.. Lots of love

Ana S.

I was a first time mother…had my baby in NICU, it was a very difficult time and I wish I had things like this to help me get through. Thank you for sharing to other mothers being so brave to be open with your experience. My heart felt condolences Sandrine. little Lucia would be proud, sending you both my love X

Kla M.S.

Your little angel is watching from above feeling very loved & inspired by her amazing mother. Xxx

Laura S.

Big hug Sandrine, you are truly amazing and baby Lucia was blessed to have you as her mummy xx

Vivian K.

My condolences .. Just awful but such a great idea that you have here .. x

Sarah J.

A warm hug for you and your family but especially precious Lucia Maria who will always be there with you no matter what!xo

Teresa C.

Hi Sandrine. My heart breaks for you and I’m so sorry you lost your precious Lucia Maria. I hope you have received support to help you and the family with your grief. What you are doing is amazing. Be kind to your self. Hugs

Lena V.

Of course you are a mother! Please don’t ever think otherwise… My heartfelt condolences to you and your family for loosing Lucia Maria xxx

Vanessa E.

Thoughts and prayers with you and your family. What a wonderful legacy little Lucia leaves, helping other mothers and babies. Xxx

Laura D.D.

Bonjour Drina Pikapiedras je suis la maman de Soufiane 7ans Mahdi 4 ans et inch Allah bientôt Zayd … Soufiane est né à 29sem et 6j en Belgique, le premier , dur dur, après 2 opérations des intestins il a survécu et est devenu un fameux bonhomme sans séquelles … Je comprend ta douleur et sais à quel point le centre néonatale est une salle passe … J espère de tout coeur Que tu apaiseras ta tristesse et que tu gardera espoir …

Lina N.

I am so sorry for your loss. May God give you courage and patience.

Sameehah C.

Well done Drina, wonderful work. I’m so sorry for your loss, but I hope that doing something so positive can help you to self-heal.

Emily G.

You are a very strong woman, thank you for making this guide

Polina V.

Sandrine, c’est ouf… Tu es formidable, vous êtes formidable !

Paul P.

Sandrine , you Are just Amazing , it came from your Heart and was so helpful And will help so Many more . Thanks a lot !

Sylvia K.

An absolutely amazing job! U are truly an inspiration Thank you!!! heart emoticon

Tishia S.