Sandrine i have been thinking about you all morning, my baby was not premature he was born at 38 weeks with a serious infection and complications and spent almost six weeks in total in NICU being re admitted several times, he was the biggest baby in NICU and once or twice he was the sickest, but thankfully we had a happy outcome. I have read some of your blog and I admire you so much for your strength, I’am so sorry for the loss of little Lucia Maria, she fought so hard for 51days and too lose her after such a length of time is just devastating. I too spent my time at City Hospital it was a much smaller Nicu then compared to now, my boy is now almost five and those days there are never far from my mind as well as the doctors and nurses.

wishing you all the best, and your blog will be a great support to mums facing the NICU, take care x