Dearie.. you transformed your pain and loss into something so magical and helpful to other new moms. So proud of you. I am the same age as you. Had my own nightmare in NICU before 8 years once I had my son. Not in Dubai, but back in India my native place. He was not premature, 38 weeks gestation. Was a big baby. Coz my pressure shot up doc decided to deliver the baby. Tried for normal delivery, but he got jammed inside n was in distress n was out thru emergency c section. And rushed into NICU. Developed fever next day, and found out having infection from lungs into blood, then into spinal fluid, suspected meningitis. Spent 3 weeks there, he was the biggest baby there. Still remember the panic I went thru, on each sunset it was horrible for me. Used to break down. What if I lose him? After c section? But we pulled thru it. Thanking god all the time. Now he is 8 years, running around with his little sister, both of them making me happiest at times, driving me crazy at other times.
I read your story in Friday magazine n checked the site. Came to know from the article you want to try for another baby. I pray with all my heart for you. Wishing you to be blessed with a happy healthy baby. You will be there in my prayers everyday. Lucia will be watching over you from heaven. Wishing you all the very best.