So sorry for your loss Sandrine. Im Full of admiration for you. You’ve done something special with this and what a tribute to your beautiful daughter. We had a 25weeker in 2009 and she had every complication known to man. She’s 6 yrs old now.We spent 5 and a half months in Mediclinic Garhoud and it was the happiest and saddest ofplaces in equal measure. We saw loss, we saw pain and we saw joy. Without a doubt the toughest time of our lives. The staff in NICU are amazing and this guide is something I wish I had myself 6 yrs ago. I’m happy to share this as I know it will 100% help someone going through this right now. Well done and thank you. You’re an inspiration.

My little miracle had NEC, ROP, brain bleed grade 3, fungul and bacterial infections, blood transfusions, platelet infusions, collapsed lung, broken arm, laser eye surgery, apnea, 5 bowel ops the list is endless. What they go through is heart breaking and I’d quite happily have traded places. There really needs to be more support networks available to Moms in Dubai. I found this sadly lacking. I hope this guide reaches far and wide.

Niamh G.